Our tenants are groundbreakers, space travellers, planet savers, and industry shapers. Whether you are looking to invest, collaborate, share industry experience or find an expert, you can connect here.

  • Thomson environmental consultants

    UK’s leading specialist environmental consultancy.

  • Lightflows

    Creative thinkers, digital experts, App developers, web designers, web developers and marketeers.

  • Virtual Recall

    Automated veterinary communications and home delivery solutions.

  • Peoplespace

    Smart Place innovations and projects

  • Brovanture

    Planning, budgeting and forecasting software for SME’s and mid-market companies.

  • Abacus Communications Limited

    Independent marketing and association management group.

  • Signapse

    AI powered sign language.

  • Seven League Software

    Games technology company providing programming services.

  • U-Linc Limited

    Making seamless connectivity a reality.

  • Igenomix

    Igenomix provides advanced services in reproductive genetics.

  • Accipi Ltd

    A research survey platform that will deliver a collaborative space where companies, individuals and institutions can work together, share knowledge and define best practice. Building an environment for multiple users to enrol and participate in surveys that benefits the Universities, students and lecturers

  • is early-stage startup building AI-enabled network infrastructure automation solution to help SMEs build and implement self-managed, self-healing networks. we are building an application platform to create, execute, and manage Next-gen applications and services.

  • SiSaf Ltd

    RNA delivery and therapeutics company.

  • Luggage Logistics

    Baggage, passenger and ULD management IT solutions for airports, airlines and ground handling companies.

  • Acuity Training

    Instructor led technical training and development courses.

  • Cordell Health

    Occupational health provider delivering workplace health and well-being.

  • Love Struck

    Delicious smoothie mixes, ready to blend, straight from your freezer.

  • Luye Pharma

    Partner to the global pharmaceutical industry.

  • Cosimmetry

    Cosimmetry develops tools to help teams of people to solve complex problems and make better decisions in high pressure, high stakes situations

  • powerQuad

    Technology to maximise the value of flexibility in energy for consumers.

  • Mathsy Education Ltd

    Mathsy is a digital maths content platform that makes it easy for content creators to create and distribute content banks/digital textbooks to their target audience.

  • Angle Plc

    Angle provides a product based solution for simple, effective, affordable repeat testing of intact cells.

  • Green Gas Catalysts

    Catalytic solutions utilising green house gases and producing syngas.

  • British Land

    Creating outstanding places for people to work, live and visit.

  • Evolve Dynamics

    UAV aircraft, systems and software solutions.

  • Gold-i

    Global market leader in trading technology.

  • MedPharm Ltd

    Contract provider of topical and transdermal product design and development services.

  • Future Biogas

    The largest producer of biomethane in the UK.

  • Aptive Consulting

    IT security assessment services for businesses of all sizes.

  • Securium Ltd

    Cyber company, detecting and preventing online harm.

  • Inovo Robotics

    Inovo develops robotics to address business problems such as automating repetitive, hazardous or precise tasks.

  • Yorbl Technologies

    Digital telecare solutions.

  • Polychord Ltd

    Deep-tech-optimised network design, actionable sensor interpretations & predictive maintenance.

  • soundDrop

    Complete enterprise platform for the music retail industry.

  • Earth-i

    Providing intelligent data from Space.

  • Direk

    Providing advanced tracking technologies and location-based services.

  • Fourth State Medicine

    Making the biochemical benefits of Reactive Oxygen and Nitrogen Species (RONS) accessible anywhere, anytime.

  • MyGlobalHome

    AI-powered Building Intelligence that helps people and organisations invest in, design, construct and occupy green buildings that are environmentally responsible, healthy and profitable.

  • Peterson Electric Vehicles

    Engineering to innovate solutions for EV conversions.

  • Occupational Health Assessment

    Nationwide occupational health service for UK businesses.

  • Ecopare

    Optimising energy usage and providing expert knowledge.

  • Regener8 Power

    Cleantech development platform for renewable energy projects.

  • Thomson Environmental Services

    Providing water treatment products & services to the building services industry.

  • VCL Heartscan

    State-of-the-art CT heart scanning technology and software.

  • Moveme

    Emotionally intelligent audience predictions

  • The Surrey Park Clinic

    Private women’s health clinic.

  • Majoto

    Bringing a new level of clarity to how you create, agree and manage contracts.

  • The Naked Pharmacy

    Europe’s first 100% Natural Pharmacy.

  • SATRO education charity

    Education Charity promoting STEM, Construction & Employability skills



    Pioneering spacecraft and aircraft components.

  • Socially Responsible Content (SRC) Ltd

    Socially Responsible Content is a social enterprise who aims to change the way marginalised communities and at-risk groups are represented in marketing. We work with NGOs and companies to produce ethical storytelling that empowers the beneficiary community.

  • Boris FX (Imagineer Systems)

    Computer vision software, Mocha Pro, for the gaming, media and film industries.

  • Tax Insight

    Specialist tax advisors.

  • Minted Box

    Expert developers helping businesses and schools transform their online ideas.


    Helping your sales activities in the real world by automating some of your key customer facing tasks like needs identification, design validation and cost estimation.

  • Ade Technology Ltd

    ADE Technology is a UK based company which aims to provide algorithm-based engineering design services to the world’s largest engineering projects.

  • AI Dizital

    Providing affordable, smart, blockchain solutions.

  • Grants Genomics

    Make your laboratory routine easier with Grants Genomics.

  • Basemap

    Digital mapping and transport data solutions.

  • Portico Consulting

    Innovative technology solutions to solve complex business problems.

  • Eurofins County Pathology

    Independent clinical diagnostic pathology laboratory.

  • WSP UK

    Engineering and environmental professional services consultancy.

  • Sente Software Limited

    Scientific software for the simulation of properties of metallic alloys.

  • Climate Habits Ltd

    Climate Habits is a start-up which brings people together at work, to address their personal climate impact

  • HTRI

    Global leader in process heat transfer and heat exchange technology.

  • InForecast

    Software-as-a-service data analytics platform for the construction industry.

  • DiscoverIE Group

    Electronics distributor.

  • Ascertia

    Enabling customers to digitally sign & protect documents & transactions.

  • QStory

    Pioneer of Intraday Automation (IDA).

  • CyberSiARA

    CyberSiARA uses powerful traffic analysis processes to determine user intent.

  • Sammi-Select

    Automated interview assessments for large organisations.

  • Houston

    Communications consultancy serving listed companies, corporates and consumer brands.

  • Healthcare Partners

    Engineering, procurement, contract management, financial assurance and consultancy for healthcare organisations.

  • Xceptor

    Automated processes that deliver trusted data.

  • Test Repair Inspection UK Ltd

    PCB and electronic systems test and inspection.

  • Enova

    Creative storytelling experience enabled by immersive technology.

  • NHS Bowel cancer screening programme

    NHS Bowel cancer screening programme.

  • Alcis

    Improving the lives of the world’s most vulnerable people through innovative, world-class Geographic Information Services.

  • Veriato Inc

    Employee monitoring and insider risk management.

  • Aluzie Ltd

    Aluzie is a start up company developing technology to reduce the time the software engineering industry spends on software comprehension

  • Vidiia Ltd

    App-based COVID-19 testing service.

  • DNA Stream

    Independently-owned IT consultancy.

  • Alliance Medical

    Europe’s leading diagnostic and molecular imaging services provider.

  • Re:Cognition Health

    Cognitive healthcare services and clinical trials.

  • Play Well for Life

    Educational games company.

  • First 4 Personnel

    Independent recruitment consultancy.

  • Zeal

    Empowering brands to unlock the full potential of their customers by leveraging transactional data

  • Aix Technologies

    Accelerating energy transition with practical innovation.

  • Neurequity Limited

    Investing in employee mental health.

  • Deep C

    International network of corporate psychologists.

  • PrimeVigilance

    Pharmavigilance services.

  • Vector Sustainable Energy

    To supply consumers with clean energy at an economical price.

  • Waymont Consulting Limited

    Scientific and technical consultancy.

  • Bettertrack Ltd

    Creating scalable strategy & performance measurement applications.

  • Cell Carta

    A global leader in precision medicine.

  • Crowd Connected

    Localisation platform enabling accurate and energy-efficient positioning of mobile devices.

  • Futura Medical

    R&D pharmaceutical company developing a portfolio of innovative products.

  • Easypress Technologies

    Global leading supplier of XML products for the publishing industry.

  • The Whiteley Clinic

    Private clinic specialising in the treatment of venous conditions.

  • ASDC

    Complete security solutions to a wide range of clients across the UK and worldwide.

  • Actica Consulting

    A leading business and technical consultancy.

  • Cloud Care Solutions

    Supplying healthcare professionals to healthcare settings in the UK.

  • Cortirio

    Portable scanners to rapidly diagnose and monitor traumatic brain injuries.

  • Koolbardi Ltd

    Fractional FD Services for startups and SMEs.

  • Molecular Medical Ltd

    Developing novel materials for interventional therapies.

  • Zacco

    Full-service IP firm with a 360° perspective on Intellectual Property.

  • Aura Veterinary

    Centre of excellence in animal oncology, soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, interventional radiology, diagnostic imaging and anaesthesia.

  • Red Skies Technology

    Urban transport management service.

  • Urban Data Collective

    Solutions to facilitate the sharing of real time urban data.

  • Frimley NHS Foundation Trust

    Medical Proficiency Testing and External Quality Assessment.

  • NatureMetrics

    Leading provider of biodiversity data to businesses, NGOs and governments.

  • Venner Shipley LLP

    Leading firm of European IP attorneys and lawyers.

  • Hygiena

    Microbial detection, monitoring, and identification solutions.

  • Escalent

    Data analytics and advisory firm.

  • PeploBio

    Clinical contract research organisation.

  • Clinicology

    Setup and management of European and global clinical studies.

  • inTec Education

    Innovative enterprise-grade IT systems for schools and education providers.

  • Cressive DX

    Digital performance software & digital marketing/SEO solutions.

  • Optima Medical Ltd

    High-tech diagnostic medical equipment.

  • Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic

    Independent cardiology clinic specialising in all forms of heart disease.

  • Cignpost Diagnostics

    A healthcare solutions provider in the UK and internationally, delivering client solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Ricardo Energy & Environment

    Industry-leading analysis, advice, and data for environmental sector.

  • Mole

    Transforming vehicle charging.

  • Advanced Material Development

    Specialists in R&D into 2D nanotechnologies and materials.

  • Clutch Space Systems

    Reducing cost and complexity from satellite communications.

  • Legateca

    Online platform providing information based upon precise legislative rulings and judicial precedents.

  • Asset Funder

    Asset finance and business loans for UK based small businesses.

  • The Cabling Company (Services) Limited

    Data and networking specialists.

  • 22 Cans

    Independent computer games and digital entertainment company.

  • Inzura

    Digital insurance platform and app provider.

  • Nukoko

    Pioneering sustainable chocolate.

  • The Diocese of Guildford

    The Diocese of Guildford

  • BOC (A Linde Company)

    Provider of industrial, medical and special gases in the UK and Ireland.

  • Renew Risk Ltd

    Renew Risk provides science-driven B2B fintech SaaS solutions to enable financing, planning & insurance of new renewable energy assets like offshore wind farms.

  • TRUEinvivo Limited

    Developing dosimetry bead arrays for radiotherapy and industry.

  • Eye Slices

    Harnessing the power of natural ingredients, scientific innovation and luxurious self care.

  • Wealth Harbour

    Financial services company.

  • Payen

    Payment service company for secure transaction processing.

  • Rocketdesk

    Co-working space focused on the creative technologies sector.

  • Lime Microsystems

    Software defined radio technology for wireless networks.

  • ipTEST

    Engineering organisation meeting the needs of global device manufacturers.

  • Playwaze

    A digital toolkit for organising sports and activities.

  • BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

    Partnering for digital advantage across domains.

  • Datar Cancer Genetics

    Molecular oncology facility with a fully equipped laboratory.

  • Eseye

    Cellular enabled connectivity solutions.

  • Superdielectrics

    Energy storage technology.

  • Technology Resourcing

    Professional tech recruitment.

  • Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd (SSTL)

    Delivering complete mission solutions for Earth observation, science, communications, navigation, in-orbit debris removal and servicing and exploration beyond Earth infrastructure.

  • Optegra Eye Health Care

    Eye hospital delivering world-class services and treatments.

  • isardSAT

    Research intensive SME providing engineering and scientific Remote Sensing solutions.

  • Vamtor

    Gaming hardware products.

  • Knowledge Mentoring

    Social learning and personalised career management technologies.

  • MyPDA Limited

    Helping property developers work smarter and achieve more using technology.

  • Kinectrics

    Fully-qualified services and equipment for the nuclear, renewable, fossil and hydroelectric generating industries.

  • Acasta Consulting

    Providing confidential and independent services to accountants, insolvency practitioners, banks and other financial institutions.

  • myOrb

    Cloud based referral, booking, RIS/PACS/VNA, reporting, dictation, and business analytics platform.

  • Techdow Pharma

    Distributor of pharmaceutical products.

  • Merrow Scientific Ltd

    Provider of advanced niche scientific instrumentation.

  • Accelogress

    UX design, software and app development, data science and more

  • Combine AI

    CAI and human intelligence.

  • Honour Associates

    Project management and engineering services for the oil and gas industry.

  • Communere

    Bespoke software and data solutions.

  • Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust

    Leading healthcare services and health innovation.

  • Sensus Futuris

    Specialised AI company, focusing on advanced image and video analytics.