S100 Angel Investment Club

A unique network, showcasing innovative high-growth propositions

We are a not-for-profit club with a focus on creating a strong and connected network of investors and presenting them with the best investment propositions from across the UK. We don’t charge investors to come along and for companies it is free to apply to be in with a chance of pitching at a club event.

By leveraging the University’s wealth of resource and its contacts, the S100 Club provides the foundation for venture creation. This enables its members to take an active role in tomorrow’s success stories.

The pitching process

We invite entrepreneurs who are looking to raise between £250K-£1m to submit a one page executive summary. Our three stage selection process ensures businesses can maximise their chances of securing funding when they pitch to the S100 Club’s investors.

The pitching process
  • Present internally

    Present internally

    Present a 10-minute pitch to the S100 Club team.  Feedback and advice will be provided after the pitch. This pre-selection meeting will take approximately 30 minutes. 

  • Pitch to panel

    Pitch to panel

    A panel of investors from the club assess the prepared ventures and take the best propositions through to the event.

  • Pitch at a S100 Club event

    Pitch at a S100 Club event

    Pitch to an audience of angel investors at a S100 Club event held several times a year. Free access to some of the region’s top serial investors.

Investment opportunity

Invest in some of the UK’s most innovative and dynamic start-up companies with high-growth potential and join an investment community that facilitates and educates to maximise investment deals.

See some of the most recent funding opportunities presented to the Club via our platform.

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