NEWS12 March 2021

SME collaborative PhD studentships

Are you a company seeking to upskill your staff or recruit highly skilled graduates?

SEPnet, a network within the South East of England working together to deliver excellence in physics and wider science related fields, has created an SME Doctoral Training Network to support regional industries and national science priorities.

By forming a small consortium to share costs, facilities and expertise, SMEs and large companies will develop industry-relevant research and create skilled, adaptable and commercially-focused PhD graduates to help meet their needs now and in the future.

Companies will share the costs of each PhD studentship with a SEPnet university partner and work with academics to shape projects in line with each company’s business strategy.

The first PhD students will start in October 2021.

PhD students will be recruited from diverse backgrounds to carry out industry-relevant research in areas including:

SEPnet comprises of nine universities in the South East of England including The University of Surrey, Hertfordshire, Kent, OU, Portsmouth, Queen Mary, Royal Holloway, Southampton, Sussex are all members.

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