NEWS8 April 2024

From vision to venture: An inside look at Accipi’s journey

Brand logo for start-up company Accipi

In the bustling landscape of entrepreneurship, where ideas flourish and dreams take shape, Jason McEachran has a compelling narrative to share.

As the founder of both Room 11, a full-service graphic design agency based in Godalming, and Accipi, a promising start-up within the SETsquared Surrey community, his journey is one of creativity, growth and seizing opportunity.

It all began 27 years ago with the establishment of Room 11. With a background in publishing and a passion for creative expression, Jason embarked on his entrepreneurial odyssey, driven by a desire to make a tangible impact in the realm of design and media.

As Room 11 grew, so did Jason’s vision and drive. This led him down the path of several innovative business ventures, culminating in the launch of Accipi. A hybrid member of the support at SETsquared Surrey, Accipi represents Jason’s foray into the realm of start-ups, fuelled by a vision to revolutionise the way universities and research institutions engage with surveys and data collection. Integral to the genesis of Accipi is Jason’s partnership with Hannah Lomas, whose invaluable contributions have played a pivotal role in propelling the venture off the ground.

Accipi is a versatile survey platform for research-led institutions and individuals, developed to streamline survey processes, boost productivity and maintain data security for users. It simplifies survey management, allowing easy group invitations, centralised task briefings and ethical compliance checks. With mobile-friendly features, customisable consent forms and participant screening options, Accipi ensures seamless survey workflows, offering everything from progress tracking and white-label branding to GDPR compliance and in-platform messaging.

Accipi was born from Room 11’s work with CITRuS, a research study conducted by the Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust which seeks to improve the way symptoms of bowel cancer treatments are reported and communicated. “The CITRuS team faced challenges with survey activation and engagement, so we helped by producing a range of video content,” explains Jason. “This collaboration sparked discussions about existing survey platforms, particularly surrounding GDPR compliance, revealing a significant gap in the market. As a result, we embarked on developing and launching our own solution. Three years later, Accipi emerged.”

Following preliminary research, it became evident that Accipi’s primary demographic comprises students and universities. Jason elaborates: “Roughly 400,000 undergraduate students participate in surveys each year without compliance measures. Accipi fills this void by ensuring compliance. Lecturers can oversee content distribution, grading and engagement tracking all within a centralised platform. This consolidated approach empowers users to manage the entire process seamlessly in one place.”

Jason’s experience as a small business owner has been instrumental in steering Accipi’s course. Nonetheless, he acknowledges that tapping into start-up-specific help is vital. This is where SETsquared Surrey support steps in.

According to Jason, SETsquared Surrey has been invaluable for Accipi, offering resources and guidance that are crucial for the company’s growth. He describes the ecosystem as an “inspiring space” and notes that being situated alongside numerous other start-ups of varying sizes has provided his team with valuable insights into different business models and interaction dynamics.

Having access to mentors within SETsquared Surrey has also proven to be priceless. “Their understanding of our needs and ability to provide subtle nudges in the right direction has been incredibly beneficial,” says Jason. “These mentors listen attentively and offer prompts and suggestions that guide us towards making informed decisions. Additionally, SETsquared Surrey’s presence within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem and its affiliation with the University of Surrey align with our aspirations, offering us a glimpse into potential future collaborations.”

As Accipi continues to explore new horizons, Jason remains unwavering in his commitment to developing a platform that not only addresses current user needs but also lays the groundwork for future growth and expansion. With a proof of concept established, the next phase of the start-up’s journey entails seeking investment opportunities, and once it gains momentum, experimenting with numerous avenues for enhancement, including incorporating artificial intelligence (AI).

Anchored in principles of innovation and excellence, Accipi is primed to establish itself as a leader in educational and research technology, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for this ambitious SETsquared Surrey member!