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August 24, 2021 | News

Seeking businesses views on shaping a support centre to foster healthcare innovation

Seeking businesses views on shaping a support centre to foster healthcare innovation

The Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator aims to improve the healthcare system by supporting innovation. The Centre is seeking views from our businesses on how they can support you.

The Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator is a co-design centre that aims to connect the clinical priorities and issues that the healthcare system is currently facing, with innovative ideas and technologies from industry.  

The centre has the space, capability, and equipment to aid testing, simulation, evaluation, and business support.  

Businesses are invited to join a focus group session to discuss how they believe the Health Tech Accelerator could be beneficial and what you would expect if you were to come and use the space. 

The Session will Consist of:

  • A tour of the Health Tech.
  • A short presentation on what the Heath Tech Accelerator is offering.
  • A chance to ask questions and a discussion on how we can improve the HTA.
  • An opportunity to bring to the table any technologies that could be tested here /
    clinical priorities that need solving.

To be part of the focus group sessions, please register by 10th September. 

Contact [email protected] .

The sessions will be held between the 20th September – 1st October. If you’re interested, please register with a chosen date and the number of people in your team that would like to attend. * 

Surrey Heartlands Health Tech Accelerator will then send out a full invitation, including a more thorough agenda, details on parking and any updates on COVID-19 regulations that will need to be complied with during the visit. 

*The number of guests per visit will be limited due to COVID-19, however we are happy to accommodate a larger team over a couple of sessions if necessary and this will be discussed at the time of invitation. 

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