Surrey Women’s Entrepreneurship Network

Welcome to the SWEN

The Surrey Women’s Entrepreneurship Network (SWEN) is a dynamic initiative dedicated to curating and creating opportunities for women to foster growth in both their ventures and networks. Through its resources, the network strives to enhance funding accessibility for women-owned businesses, while also demystifying finances and investment to empower female entrepreneurs.

The network champions the invaluable contribution of women entrepreneurs, actively encouraging mentorship among women and celebrating their achievements within the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Welcome to the SWEN
  • Championing Women

    Championing Women

    Spotlighting and promoting the contribution of women in the innovation ecosystem, raising the profile of entrepreneurs and companies across all sectors who are underrepresented

  • Investment Readiness Training

    Investment Readiness Training

    Supporting women to access funding for their businesses and source and prepare for investment raises and grant applications

  • Growth Opportunities

    Growth Opportunities

    Creating opportunities for women to grow their networks, build interest in their ideas and receive expert business advice

Committed to Gender Equality

The SWEN is committed to addressing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender Equality to empower all women and girls

UN SDG Goal 5
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