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November 22, 2022 | News

Surrey Research Park Sustainability Update

Surrey Research Park Sustainability Update

A Sustainability Working Group comprising a cross-section of SRP companies and University staff was formed in July to drive both knowledge exchange and the uptake of a range of sustainability solutions across SRP.   

Whilst operating for only a few months, the group are already sharing case studies, offering expertise, and investigating enhanced approaches to Park-wide lab waste.  

As part of this group’s ongoing work, we are sharing an update on Waste and Recycling for Managed Buildings  

  • All waste both recycling and general is separated at the local waste recycling site 
  • This increases the recycling capacity of the park  
  • Reducing collection costs to tenants  
  • 40% + goes to refuse derive fuels (to create electricity) 
  • 100% diverted from landfill (since Nov ’21) 
  • Food Waste and Glass Recycling introduced onto the park since September ‘22 
  • Collection schedules to minimize unnecessary trips onto the park  
  • On average 70 pickups (bins) are managed per visit 

 If you would like to get involved in the group, please email Natasha Pourzandi ([email protected]) 

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