NEWS2 July 2020

Thomson environmental consultants now employee owned

Leading environmental consultancy, Thomson, located on Surrey Research Park, has announced that they have joined the ranks of employee-owned businesses like John Lewis with their announcement that the company will now be run as an employee ownership trust (EOT).

Thomson has grown consistently year-on-year since being founded by CEO, Nancy Thomson, 16 years ago. Thomson is now one of the UKs leading independent environmental consultancies. Ms Thomson sees a huge opportunity ahead in relation to sustainability, carbon zero, and the climate agenda. The time is right for succession planning. “It is an opportune time to hand over when the company is thriving and has so much to be excited about in the future”. Nancy, alongside her senior leadership team, continue to set an ambitious strategy with innovation and digital solutions core to its ways of working. They believe EOT is a structure that will give the company the best chance of continued success whilst embracing the entrepreneurial, innovative mindset that has been key to the company’s success thus far.

The move to EOT is something Nancy felt strongly about to retain the culture of the company. Nancy Thomson commented “Employee ownership is the perfect succession vehicle to transfer ownership of the company to the very people who are key to its continued growth and future success”.

For Thomson, company culture is key, with all employees being very passionate about their values; Respect, Integrity, Support and Excellence. “Transitioning to employee ownership seemed like the right choice to ensure these values remained at the heart of the company” commented the CEO.

For Thomson’s workforce, company COO, Danielle McColgan believes it will have many benefits “We believe EOT will not only inspire our current workforce, but it will allow the company to become even more of an employer of choice, attracting future stars who can contribute to, and benefit from the future growth.”

Sarah Butters, Commercial Director believes this with further allow them to thrive in an ever-challenging commercial environment “the move to EOT will help us further embrace our talented and progressive workforce, leveraging their dedication, professionalism and innovative ideas to benefit our clients whilst ensuring everyone shares in the future success.”

About Thomson

Thomson environment consultants is an environmental consultancy and contracting company that helps its clients play their part in protecting our environment for future generations. Working with a wealth of national and regional developers Thomson carries out some of the largest and most environmentally complex projects in the UK.