NEWS2 July 2024

The Naked Pharmacy’s natural remedies thrive

Kevin Leivers, founder of The Naked Pharmacy, has carved a niche in the pharmaceutical market by championing 100% natural remedies.

The Naked Pharmacy is a name on everyone’s lips at the moment. This company is making waves in the pharmaceutical landscape with its range of natural health products. But what is The Naked Pharmacy’s story? How did this ground-breaking idea come to life?

Kevin Leivers founded The Naked Pharmacy back in 2016 after a career in the conventional and natural pharmaceutical industries spanning 35 years. He embarked on his mission to provide entirely natural health products at a time when such a concept was relatively unheard of in the pharmaceutical world, establishing the first pharmacy in Europe to be completely natural. “I realised that so many of us are interested in natural health solutions, but are overwhelmed by the conflicting information in the public domain,” Kevin explains. “With The Naked Pharmacy, I wanted to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives.”

The Naked Pharmacy is dedicated to harnessing the power of natural remedies and botanicals to promote health and wellbeing. Its growing range of products are developed using high-quality ingredients, integrating traditional practices with modern science, to ensure each remedy is both effective and safe. Alongside The Naked Pharmacy’s products, qualified pharmacists like Kevin are on hand to provide clients with personalised support via phone, email and social media.

Transitioning from a pharmacist consultancy role to entrepreneurship was a daunting challenge for Kevin, especially as he ventured into uncharted territory within the industry. “I was also older, so it was slightly unnerving for me to be starting a new business,” he recalls. “Effectively, I went from having a stable salary to having no income for a period, followed by a tiny salary before the business began to grow. I initially chose to self-fund the project – there’s a lot of vulnerability in that.”

To get The Naked Pharmacy off the ground, Kevin had to navigate the complexities of registering a new type of pharmacy and developing innovative products. He faced numerous obstacles, including scepticism from regulatory bodies and the challenge of creating a viable online pharmacy platform to directly reach consumers without relying on traditional prescriptions.

Despite the inherent risks and challenges of launching a start-up, the journey has proven immensely worthwhile. The Naked Pharmacy has experienced significant growth and success. By the time the Covid-19 pandemic hit, it was well-positioned to support a growing demand for health products as consumers shifted to online shopping. This period saw a substantial increase in revenue, demonstrating the resilience and adaptability of the business model that Kevin had crafted.

The Naked Pharmacy’s path from a budding start-up to now an alumni member has been largely shaped by SETsquared Surrey. During the business’ formative years, SETsquared provided a crucial support system. “It offered stability and security,” explains Kevin. “The SETsquared eco-system is vibrant. I love the fact that there is such a variety of different companies on site that really challenge your thinking.”

For Kevin, having an assigned business mentor who had experienced the entire entrepreneurial process was invaluable. “During challenging times or when facing obstacles, you could sit down and have meaningful conversations with your mentor,” he says. “The proximity to the University of Surrey also offers untapped potential for collaboration, especially in areas like food technology and veterinary sciences, which we are eager to explore more.”

The Naked Pharmacy’s success is fuelling a dynamic expansion strategy. The company has moved into larger premises within Surrey Research Park and is exploring opportunities to grow internationally, including establishing a presence in the Middle East and North America. This, Kevin details, will be supported by a robust product development pipeline and a continued focus on providing excellent customer care. He envisions opening physical flagship stores in key cities and “adding value” with services such as like testing and integrating with health technology.

As the global health and wellness market flourishes, The Naked Pharmacy stands ready to lead the charge – redefining industry norms with its 100% natural remedies and relentless innovation. Watch this space!