NEWS15 September 2022

The Future of Cyber Security in Fintech

Join the University of Surrey’s Centre for Cyber Security and the SASIG group, the UK’s premier cyber security network, on 28th September for an event examining the future of cyber security in fintech.

Financial technology (Fintech) is a major area of growth within the UK economy, creating new companies with exciting new products and services which transform the user experience and the services they use. Fintech companies have taken advantage of initiatives such as Open Banking to gain access to major bank’s data, integrating them with other data sources, new analytics and new devices to provide new services to customers.

Fintech has pushed the boundaries of what is possible on mobile platforms, providing services that wouldn’t or couldn’t be conceived of ever being in the customer’s hand. And there are new methods of storing and transferring value such as cryptocurrencies that are being adopted as national currencies, as new investment platforms and as the preferred method of payment for criminals.

This event will explore the cyber security aspects of these digital services, why cyber security is becoming fundamental to modern economies and how attackers are adapting to leverage these new technologies.

Speakers will include:

• Prof Ioana Boureanu who will talk about aspects of payment systems, including her research that revealed vulnerabilities in Visa and Apple Pay vulnerabilities.

• Prof John Collomosse who will talk about DECaDE, the multi-million research project that examines the use of distributed ledger technologies and AI to deliver new financial services.

• Carl Leonard who will talk about external attack trends targeted at financial services including the DeFi industry. How to identify your Very Attacked People and handle the insider threat and shadow IT.

• Simon Mair who will talk about what can Fintech learn from a Wealth Management firm founded in 1762.

The event will be hybrid, held at Surrey’s campus in Guildford alongside live stream access for remote participants. Starting at 4pm and running for 2 hours, there will be an interactive Q&A session and networking opportunities. The event is free to attend. Register here.