NEWS6 September 2020

Tenants to benefit from reduced cost COVID-19 tests on site

The Surrey Park Clinic located on Surrey Research Park is now offering Covid-19 antibody tests at a discounted rate for all businesses on the Park.

Organisations based at Surrey Research Park can use the service to test their employees at Surrey Park Clinic’s test lab at a reduced cost of £70 per test.

The Surrey Park Clinic is a provider of personalised healthcare for the treatment of all gynaecological issues, including fertility, hormone management and pregnancy care but has diversified to develop a testing facility.

The majority of patients who recover from Coronavirus have been found to produce antibodies; initially an IgM antibody and then an IgG antibody during the recovery phase. The detection of IgG antibody shows whether a person has previously been infected by SARS-Cov-2.

For more information please contact The Surrey Park Clinic on 01483 454016 or

The Surrey Park Clinic can provide a complete COVID-19 testing programme, including tests for individuals who do not show symptoms while they are infected with COVID-19. The company provides clear guidance and support, ensuring compliance, safety and peace of mind for staff and employers.