NEWS5 February 2020

Technology Forum Wednesday 4th March

Surrey Chamber of Commerce is hosting a Technology Forum at Surrey Technology Centre.

Tenants businesses are invited, please register HERE

Where: Meeting room 8, Surrey Technology Centre

When: Wednesday 4th March

Time: 12pm to 3pm

There will be a number of speakers at the event, including Dr Lada Timotijevic, Associate Professor / Principal Research Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Surrey.

Lada will be talking about AI in research and innovation from the perspective of ethics and governance, with a specific focus upon health and construction.

Dr Lada Timotijevic is a social psychologist with over 60 publications in the area of risk communication and management, public/stakeholder engagement and behaviour change. Her research portfolio includes governance and ethics in digital health, where she researched user needs and socio-ethical implications of digital technologies (e.g. mental health, smart homes, open science data platforms), with a view of developing appropriate ethical governance regimes.