NEWS18 May 2022

Sustainability Update  

We are committed to creating a sustainable environment for our businesses.  We are currently developing a draft Park-wide energy and environmental plan, supporting the University’s target of net zero by 2030.  We are aiming to have the draft plan created by the Autumn. 

To inform our thinking, it has been crucial that we understand our customer’s needs and expectations regarding energy and environmental sustainability.  Although we are holding many 1-1 discussions with several of the Park businesses, a month ago we issued a sustainability survey to all customers.  We have had a significant response to the survey – thank you to all that have participated.  We are currently assessing the feedback and will circulate this soon, but we are eager to reveal one headline now: 95% of companies responding supported the formation of a Parkwide Energy and Environmental Working Group.  Given the importance of sustainability, we anticipated a large demand.  Nevertheless, we are delighted in the strong support for such an initiative, and we will now commence the first meeting of the Working Group as a priority.  Details will be announced separately.  

We continually welcome your engagement, reach out to us directly at