NEWS3 August 2020

Surrey Research Park internationally recognised for its contribution to ‘Growth, Progress and Competitiveness’

The National University of Sciences & Technology (NUST), the globally renowned public research University located in Islamabad, Pakistan invited our CEO, Malcolm Parry to open an international virtual event to discuss the role of Science and Technology Parks for National Progress, Growth & Competitiveness.

The virtual event was chaired by Lt Gen Naweed Zaman, Rector NUST & Patron NIPS. Malcolm Parry was joined by advisers to the Chinese and Pakistan government on their strategies for building an economy on science and technology.

The Rector of NUST in his opening remarks commented that ‘technology in the contemporary world is a critical factor of productivity and if used rationally, can yield breath-taking outcomes in terms of inclusive socioeconomic growth.’

Malcolm Parry’s presentation was founded on 40 years of experience on planning, developing and managing the Surrey Research Park, as well as over 30 years of international experience of working with UNESCO and the World Technopolis Association as an expert on Science Parks as instruments of economic development.

Dr Parry’s view reflected the importance of opportunity led entrepreneurs in adding economic value to science and technology and that countries should extend science and technology policies with wider innovation strategies and innovation policies to drive this strategy, as well as highlighting that transformation requires a spirit of open innovation and multi-dimensional collaboration among key stakeholders.