NEWS1 July 2019

Surrey Research Park agrees collaborative partnership with a science and technology park in Egypt

The Surrey Research Park has signed an agreement of cooperation with the Electronics Research Institute (ERI) in Cairo as they establish a Technology Park in Egypt and look to leverage opportunities of technology and information transfer between the Parks.

The ERI, a hub for the research community in Egypt with its state-of-the-art cloud-based technologies, approached the founder and CEO of Surrey Research Park, Dr Malcolm Parry for advice on the successful planning, development and management of a world-class Research Park

The ERI was established in 1989 and is one of the specialised institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Scientific Research. Its vision is to create a centre of excellence in Egypt in the field of electronics, communications and information technology.  The Surrey Research Park, as a University owned Science Park, values the opportunities for working internationally with countries that are trying to apply entrepreneurship to science with the view to supporting economic development.  It is  hoped that the relationship will lead to an opportunity for research on this important idea.

The agreement outlines the intention to cooperate through technology transfer for the establishment, management and operation of a Technology Park as well as in the field of innovation support in incubators, industrial engineering and accelerators programs. Other areas of agreed cooperation include graduate student exchanges and scientific and faculty exchange programs to help facilitate joint research, development and scholarly activity whereby ERI will introduce industrial services and products to the industrial community in Egypt in the field of Electronics and Information Technology.

Professor Hehsam Eldeeb, President of Electronics Research Institute recently met with Dr Malcolm Parry at the Surrey Research Park to sign the agreement and visit the tenant businesses on the Park.

Dr Malcolm Parry, CEO of Surrey Research Park, comments: “Strengthening relationships and sharing knowledge in this way is fundamental in our ethos of collaboration within the global enterprising environment. The relationship with ERI is welcomed because it helps build on one of the objectives for the development of the Surrey Research Park which is to help raise the profile of the University of Surrey as a leader in linking entrepreneurship and science. We are privileged to be internationally recognised as a pioneer of research and science parks and look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership with ERI in the future.”