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New Digital Magazine Showcases A Year of Pioneering Innovation at Surrey Research Park

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We’re proud to present our new Highlights Magazine, a digital showcase of the remarkable innovations and achievements by our vibrant community, including startups, SMEs, and global pioneers.

This digital publication shines a spotlight on the business successes and remarkable work of select companies among the 200+ based at Surrey Research Park in Guildford, Surrey, during 2023.

The Park, owned by the University of Surrey, accommodates a wide spectrum of businesses, from entrepreneurs and startups at the Surrey Technology Centre and business incubator—ranked number one in the UK by the Financial Times—to SMEs and teams of engineers, scientists, and support crews from global brands. These varied organisations thrive in our versatile office spaces across the Park.

Our 2023 Highlights magazine covers a diverse range of sectors and topics including advances in:

Showcasing Success: The Story of Reserve & Charge

A standout feature in the magazine is the success story of Reserve & Charge, which exemplifies the innovative spirit and experience of being part of the Surrey Research Park community.

Reserve & Charge, formerly Accelogress, has developed a smart reservation platform for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations, addressing the critical issue of “charging uncertainty” in the UK. With their platform, EV users can now reserve charging points at specific times and locations, significantly enhancing the reliability and accessibility of EV charging infrastructure.

The growth of Reserve & Charge at Surrey Research Park was boosted by an initial grant from Innovate UK, followed by an impressive £165,000 in angel investment. Looking ahead, the company plans to pilot its project in 2024, with ambitions to secure further early-stage investment and seed funding to expand its services.

Discover more about Reserve & Charge’s journey and other inspiring stories by reading the Highlights Magazine below!

Collaboration, Talent, Funding: Unique Growth Opportunities at Surrey Research Park

Owned and managed by the University of Surrey, Surrey Research Park offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration, networking, access to funding, and engagement with top talent. All of these advantages make the Park the ideal fertile ground for innovative businesses.

Take a look at the 2023 Highlights Magazine

Surrey Research Park’s Highlights magazine is now available to read online in an interactive magazine format or download as a PDF (expand magazine below to see download options).  

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