NEWS3 October 2020

Surrey Chambers of Commerce urges businesses to act now to prepare for Brexit trading changes

UK businesses have less than 100 days to prepare for the changes to trading between the UK and EU that come into effect from 1st January 2021.

“It is vitally important for businesses to prepare for the changes to trade between the UK and EU but there are still many questions that remain unresolved and unanswered,” comments Gary Hayes, International Trade Manager, Surrey Chambers of Commerce. 

The British Chambers of Commerce recently presented the UK government with 26 unanswered questions that businesses urgently need the answers to help them prepare for the future trading relationship with the EU. Some of these questions and their answers potentially will have a massive impact on businesses and how they trade, manufacturer and sell.  (

How should businesses prepare for the end of the transition period?

Firstly, it is recommended that every business reviews the government’s transition webpage ( and uses the questionnaire tool which will highlight were your business may be impacted by the changes.

A common misconception that most businesses fall into is that they believe that they will not be impacted by the changes at all – they do not import or export, they do not trade with the EU and everything their businesses uses on a day to day basis is sourced/brought in the UK.

But for many businesses, they may be part of massive supply chain, they may have to comply with EU rules and regulation which may be changed, they may employ EU nationals or travel/work in the EU etc. The list is almost endless.

Secondly, the British Chambers of Commerce have put together a checklist for businesses to use that highlights some of the questions that businesses may not necessarily asking of themselves. This can be found on the British Chambers website.

Thirdly, take advantage of the many various grants available for businesses to use to prepare for the changes. There is a £50million government grant scheme available for businesses to be able to recruit new staff, train their staff and to upgrade their I.T to be able to make their own customs declarations as these will be required for all imports and exports to and from the UK from the 1st January 2021.

Lastly, the International Trade team at Surrey Chambers of Commerce are here to help businesses to understand the changes that may affect their business and direct them to the correct sources of advice and guidance from a range of experts that we have within our membership.

We can also a range of services that will help your business now and into the post transition business landscape, including Export Documentation Service, Customs Declarations, Customs Advisory amongst many others.

We offer training courses to train your staff on keys skills such customs declarations and export documentation plus in other international trade areas such as Incoterm® Rules, Methods of Payments, Import and Export customs procedures.

Please visit for further information.

With less than 100 days, there is very little time to waste to make sure that your business is best prepared for the changes from the 1st January 2021, whatever the outcome of the negotiations.