NEWS7 March 2023

SRP launches new strategy as part of Food Waste Action Week 2023

Compost+fruit peel+vegetable peel+green grass

SRP launches new strategy as part of Food Waste Action Week 2023

As part of Food Waste Action Week 2023, Surrey Research Park is launching its food collection strategy.

The theme this year is Win. Don’t Bin and the campaign is a week of action which brings the nation together to save time and money by making the food we already have go further.

Food waste bins are being installed in all the stores of managed buildings across the Park and each company will receive a food caddy to encourage employees to recycle leftover food.

Items that can be collected are; tea & coffee grounds, fruit & vegetables, fish, dairy, bread & pastries, meat & bones. The waste will be depackaged, macerated and digested anaerobically in large sealed tanks by Severn Trent Green Power’s West London AD facility. This process produces:

1. Biogas (methane and carbon dioxide): which is converted to renewable electricity in gas engines and exported to the National Grid to power local homes and businesses.

2. Digestate (a nutrient-rich liquid fertiliser): which is spread on a local farmland reducing the use of fossil fuel derived chemical fertilisers.

Please support the Hub on the Park staff, who are also determined to reduce food waste, by using the clearly marked bin in the centre of the café.

For any queries please contact: