NEWS28 November 2018

SRP firm Basemap partners with University of Surrey

Basemap, an established SRP company, has agreed a 31-month project with University of Surrey academics for a knowledge transfer partnership.

The aim of the project is to develop a holistic logistics management routing software tool which combines scheduling and routing with critical vehicle and environmental performance factors, enabling rapid entry and growth in the commercial electric transport market. The partnership, part funded by Innovate UK, is about to begin the recruitment stage for an Associate (recent graduate) to run the project.

Mark Gallagher, CEO of Basemap comments “We look forward to working with the University of Surrey to help develop our routing and scheduling software. This unique combination of a world class university, with a growing UK commercial organisation will help us achieve our goal of becoming a leading supplier of routing software for the global commercial electric transport market and will help grow the academic and commercial knowledge base and provide an excellent return for the tax payer.”

The project will draw upon the expertise of the University of Surrey to understand the dynamics of electric vehicles and the various factors that may affect their performance, and apply data science and analytics to optimise usage. The partnership also offers the opportunity to embed the commercial outcomes back in to teaching and research at all levels in the Department.

Dr Saber FallahDirector of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles Lab at the University of Surrey, said “This is an exciting opportunity to work closely with a successful company, apply our knowledge in connected and electric vehicles into the real world problem and to be instrumental in bringing new products to market.”

Professor Ansgar Richter, Dean of Surrey Business School, said: “We are proud to work with Basemap and our colleagues in Automotive Engineering on this exciting project. Helping to develop the electric transport market is a huge opportunity to apply our expertise in business analytics, data science, logistics and operations research.”

If you would like to find out more about Knowledge Transfer Partnership and how you can get involved in an exciting project linking university innovation with commercial business partners, please contact the Business Development Team at the University of Surrey