NEWS3 May 2022

Occupational Health Assessment Ltd launches night worker screening service

SETsquared Surrey member, Occupational Health Assessment has launched a new night worker health screening programme. Aimed at businesses who have people working at nights, the service is designed to help employers comply with Working Time Regulations.

The Working Time Regulations 1998 specify that businesses who have staff working for three hours or more, between 11pm and 6am, must offer staff a health check. The checks are intended to ensure that working at night will not damage the employee’s health.  Working at night can have a big impact on the body and upsetting natural patterns of sleep has been linked with increased risk of heart disease, diabetes and obesity. It has also been linked with breast cancer, although the evidence about the link is unclear. Occupational health exists to independently advise businesses, so they can identify, mitigate and manage any health risks. Online support for night worker health assessment is one of the easiest ways businesses can manage their risks and support the wellbeing of staff.

Health & Safety Executive (HSE) enforces the Working Time Regulations and HSE Inspectors have the power to enter any UK business premises at any time. As well as complying with health and safety laws, employers must also consider the Equality Act 2010, which specifies that businesses must consider reasonable adjustments if a disability affects an employee’s work.

“Businesses can offer staff questionnaires themselves” says Magnus Kauders, Managing Director, Occupational Health Assessment Ltd “but holding medical data comes with serious risks for employers.  Our new online service processes medical questionnaires and provides certification and advice on reasonable adjustments for businesses quickly and easily” he continued “it keeps employers fully compliant with the law and mitigates employment risks”.

Occupational Health Assessment Ltd is a specialist medical business providing occupational health support for businesses nationwide. Becoming part of SETsquared Surrey in 2020, the business has grown rapidly to become a leading independent provider of professional medical services.  “We’ve been part of SETsquared Surrey for over a year” said Mr Kauders “and they’ve given us access to technical experts in software development, legal, finance, HR and marketing, all of which is helping us get the foundations of our new services right from the start”.