NEWS20 December 2021

Occupational Health Assessment certified as carbon neutral

Occupational Health Assessment has been certified as having achieved carbon neutral status. It is one of the first nationwide occupational health providers in the UK to have achieved the standard.

Increasing amounts of Carbon Dioxide and other Greenhouse Gases (CO2e) are understood to be the leading cause of global warming. Buying electric cars or solar panels may not be practical for every person and the problem is just as big for businesses.

“We were one of the first medical businesses in the UK to be completely paper-free” said Magnus Kauders, Managing Director, “and we’re committed to doing everything we can to leave the planet in good shape for the generations to come”.

Along with going paper-free, the business is planting 30 trees every month, offsetting 60 tonnes of CO2e each year and making the organisation completely carbon neutral.  The off-setting scheme, certified by Carbon Neutral Britain, follows internationally recognised standards to offset emissions from vehicles, energy usage, waste, goods deliveries and travel. So far, Carbon Neutral Britain has offset over 500,000 tonnes of CO2e and has planted over 3 million trees.

Carbon Neutral Britain is a non-governmental organisation which funds projects in Britain and overseas to reduce the CO2e in the atmosphere. They focus on planting trees because forests absorb CO², refract the earths’ heat and have a positive impact on wildlife, ecology and biodiversity.

“Being certified as carbon neutral is an important step for any business to take and we’re incredibly proud of the achievement” Mr Kauders continued.

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