NEWS1 April 2020

MedPharm Donates Hand Sanitizer for Healthcare Providers

MedPharm Donates Hand Sanitizer for Healthcare Providers and Other Essential Workers.

Surrey Research Park tenant, MedPharm, the leading global contract development for topical products, has quickly marshalled resources in both the US and UK to produce and donate hand sanitisers to help fight the Covid-19 outbreak.

The speed of the Covid-19 pandemic has put enormous pressure on traditional supply leaving many institutions which are supporting the critical needs of vulnerable people and patients without any hand sanitiser. MedPharm has had requests from health care providers, care homes and other essential workers.

MedPharm has used its formulation development expertise, facilities and collaborations with local businesses to help relieve the current shortage of sanitiser.

“We are fortunate to have 20 years of formulation expertise and the resources to be able to do what we can across both of our facilities in Durham, NC and Guildford, UK,” said MedPharm’s President and CEO, Eugene Ciolfi.

“It is clear that key small local institutions desperately need the product now and we are proud to be able to support our local communities in any way we can at this time.”

MedPharm’s site in Guildford, UK will be formulating and manufacturing batches on-site to deliver to local hospices and care homes. The company’s suppliers have been quick to respond to requests for materials so that MedPharm could move quickly to production through provision.

“In Guildford, we quickly recognised that we had facilities for manufacturing this product on a modest scale,” commented Eugene.