NEWS25 October 2021

Fully Funded Postgraduate Research Student Placement Scheme

Businesses at the Surrey Research Park are invited to take part in the Locus-UoS Project, supporting a postgraduate research student in a 12-week placement. The placement allows students to work on a project, with the aim of driving your organisation forward at no added cost to your business.

Examples of project activities: 

The placement gives the student a chance to make a significant contribution to your organisation and to their professional development. Postgraduate researchers are interested in placements that will give them the opportunity to enrich their experience and prepare them for future careers in high level roles.  

A flexible start date is encouraged, enabling researchers to go on placement when they have a suitable pause point in their own research.  

If you would like to express an interest in the scheme or discuss an opportunity further, please complete the Locus-UoS Employer Form 

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