NEWS25 September 2019

A successful creative start-up forms in Surrey Research Park’s co-working space as three freelancers join forces

Rocketdesk, the co-working space for gaming professionals based on the Surrey Research Park, has been the birthplace of new creative studio Noah which, after launching at the end of 2018, has already worked for the likes of Lululemon, City of London Police, and American multinational conglomerate GE.

The three founders – designer Rich Clayton, videographer Jon Fairey and photographer Phil Hill – met as Rocketdesk members while initially working on their own projects as freelancers. After an introduction from a fellow Rocketdesk member, the trio began supporting each other on individual projects then realised that joining forces was a natural next step.

Pulling together their own experiences to service a range of organisations, the Noah founders have benefited from the company’s Surrey Research Park location and gained multiple fellow Park tenants as clients including Eseye, Boemska, and Vector Suite.

The team brings in freelancers on specific projects as required, many of which they met and work alongside at Rocketdesk.

“The network we’ve tapped into at the Park is unparalleled,” Noah co-founder Rich Clayton explained. “We’ve gained a wealth of new connections for projects and people to help us fulfil them which for us at this stage of business has been an incredible start. We’ve been on an uphill trajectory since setting up Noah and much of that is down to the business, partnership and work opportunities we’ve found at Rocketdesk.”

Since establishing, Noah has also connected with Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) Enterprise M3 which is also based on the Park. Benefitting from Enterprise M3’s business support and connections, Noah received consultancy from one of the Enterprise M3 Growth Champions to help structure its business in the very early stages. Noah now also partners with Enterprise M3 to provide seminars to other members.

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