NEWS2 August 2023

CyberSiARA attracts investor interest at SETsquared event

CyberSiARA Dr Mohammad Reza Besheti

SETsquared Surrey member CyberSiARA was delighted to be selected to attend the recent SETsquared investment showcase event. The CyberSiARA mission is to make the Internet secure, private and easy to use for legitimate users, but costly for cybercriminals to operate. The business is looking to secure investment for the next phase of its development.

For 2023, SETsquared brought its established showcase event to the Global Corporate Venturing Symposium in London. Held between June 20th and 22nd it is Europe’s leading corporate venturing and innovation event. Investors saw 20 high-quality, investment-ready businesses, all seeking investments of over £500k. These high-tech, high-growth start-ups were selected from across the SETsquared portfolio, from different sectors and technology areas.

Dr Mohammad Reza Besheti of CyberSiARA says,

“We joined SETsquared Surrey less than three months ago. We were offered entry to the symposium after just a month, which was a very good opportunity for us. Although we are very new, we have a good team, and a full picture of where we are going and what we want to do in the future. We can articulate our solution in simple terms and are already managing to get the attention of advisers and investors.”

“The event was amazing. We had our own stand and the event went really well. When I was giving my presentation, I could see the audience and they really connected with me. As soon as I finished, several of them came to our stand and asked for more information on how CyberSiARA works. We received 10-15 expressions of interest from Investors, including large organisations. We are now talking to them on a daily basis.”

For investors looking to support CyberSiARA, please do contact us: