NEWS24 June 2019

Connected for success

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions provider Eseye has expanded its base on the Park due to an impressive growth rate of over 40% last year.

A pioneer of IoT, the growth of Eseye has been fuelled by expansion of its global customer base and trusted partnerships. In 2016 the company became an AWS (Amazon Web Services) Technology Partner, the first cellular technology provider to do so.

Eseye now enables over 1500 customers globally with simple, scalable and secure IoT deployments, connecting to over 700 networks in 192 countries. The company works with organisations to help their IoT devices connect automatically to any network, anywhere in the world, with full security. By using a single SIM that provides the best possible connectivity, Eseye customers can fully manage devices remotely with no downtime.

Eseye has developed cellular technology to solve complex issues which typically inhibit the growth of IoT. In addition to its Partner status from AWS, Eseye has won accolades including the 2018 GSMA GLOMO Award for Outstanding Contribution to the UN Sustainable Development goals.

Notable projects for Eseye include support to local authorities in Smart City development with a scalable, reliable solution to remotely control streetlights, enabling management and upkeep of water systems in poor and war-torn regions, and powering home monitoring technology for those with chronic conditions. If you treat yourself to a drink from a Costa Express vending machine, there’s an Eseye SIM in there helping to make your coffee as well as a Barista would.