NEWS12 May 2021

Business boost for Igenomix UK

Igenomix UK had successfully received a £100,000 grant from Innovate UK to develop the world’s first non-invasive, pre-implantation genetic test for genetic disorders in embryos, in order to significantly improve the outcomes for couples at risk of transmitting genetic disease. Students were tasked with reviewing the grant submission to identify any potential flaws prior to the start of the project.

CEO of Igenomix UK, Professor Alan Thornhill explains;

“It was incredibly useful to gain a fresh perspective on our project. The students successfully understood a very niche, cutting edge, area of healthcare. They researched Intellectual Property, market demand and the commerciality of our project before drawing some thought-provoking conclusions. They delved deeply into the analysis of our margins, an area we have since re-evaluated as
a direct result of their feedback.”

Another successful initiative was is the Msc Entrepreneurship Market Research Project in which students on its MSc Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management course work in partnership with a company’s founder/CEO to provide valuable external insight prior to a new product launch. Using a product prototype, the MSc students research product features and the target market, providing feedback about the customer experience to inform the product development process.

For more information visit Surrey Business School at the University of Surrey.