NEWS16 February 2023

Angela Richardson opens MRI facility

Angela Richardson MP opens a new Virtual Cath Lab MRI facility for Heartscan Direct with state-of-the-art CT heart scanning technology.

Angela Richardson MP opens Heartscan Direct’s new MRI facility

Angela Richardson MP has visited Surrey Research Park to open a new MRI facility for Heartscan Direct.

Heartscan Direct’s new Virtual Cath Lab service utilises state-of-the-art CT heart scanning technology and software to digitally produce an exact 3D ‘virtual’ version of your heart in seconds.

Instant, comfortable and non-invasive, it allows early detection and diagnosis of potentially lethal heart disease and other coronary issues.

VCL is a new diagnostic imaging service specialising in the cardiovascular system which provides direct access to both clinicians and patients.

The company is passionate about providing access to the latest heart scan technology to diagnose and prevent heart disease – potentially many years before symptoms would otherwise develop.

Their team of experienced cardiologists, radiologists and managers have been offering cardiac services in Guildford for over 10 years via clinician-owned medical practices including The Surrey Cardiovascular Clinic.

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