NEWS7 September 2022

Alliance Medical PET-CT Centre Opens

We are delighted to welcome Alliance Medical Ltd who have opened their brand-new specialist PET-CT Centre at Surrey Research Park.

Featuring one of just two GE Discovery MI 5-Ring Gen 2 Digital PET-CT scanners in the UK, Alliance Medical’s dedicated new centre offers unparalleled access to exceptional diagnostics for patients in the community.

An impressive 33% more sensitive than a 4-ring digital PET-CT, the scanner can detect small lesions at earlier stages, allowing for quicker diagnosis. Full-body imaging is completed in just 10 minutes at a lower radiation dose, whilst world-leading ‘MotionFree’ software ensures exceptionally clear images every time.  

A faster reconstruction time allows radiographers to review scans during the appointment. So, if further imaging is required, it can be done then and there, ensuring patients get the results they need without need for another appointment. 

Recent research by the team at Alliance Medical shows that in high-risk patients, the findings of a PET-CT scan can be used to modify the staging and management of breast cancer.

As a world-leader in diagnostic imaging, Alliance Medical are continually researching and investing in ways to improve quality patient diagnosis and assessment.

For more information on Alliance Medical’s new facility, or to make a referral, please visit their website: GE Digital PET-CT (