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August 17, 2022 | SETsquared Surrey

SETsquared IKEEP Programme

SETsquared IKEEP Programme

IKEEP is free to organisations and allows high-quality knowledge exchange opportunities to take place, helping regional businesses develop business model solutions, market awareness and more, while honing the talent of future graduates.

What is IKEEP?

The IKEEP programme matches teams of 3 university students (entrepreneurially trained, from different disciplines and a mix of undergraduate and postgraduates) for short 4-week part time projects totalling 210 hours through online/remote project placements.  IKEEP placements can take place with companies or charities who have a clear and innovative project for a student team to tackle.

What Type of Project’s will IKEEP Accept?

Projects are often something companies have had on the ‘backburner’ or relate to a business pivot that may be related to COVID-19. Business societal themes which the University of Surrey are actively promoting are projects based on:

1. Environmental Sustainability
2. Female Perspective
3. Collaboration
4. Internalisation
5. COVID Resilience

When Does IKEEP Operate?

IKEEP Project Placements run on a flexible/part-time basis over 4 consecutive weeks (a total of 210 student hours across three students from different disciplines).

In compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, project placements will be run remotely. Hosting a project placement through IKEEP is entirely free for participating organisations and IKEEP directly pays each student a set stipend at the end of a project.

Steps To Take Part in IKEEP

To put forward a project brief to the IKEEP Programme, complete the short Project Brief Outline along with the Project Outline Form. Once you have completed the forms it is then best to complete the Surrey Project Brief Template (using the IKEEP Project Brief example as a guide).

The deadline to submit a project brief for the November round of projects is Friday 2nd September.

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