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January 26, 2022 | News

Employment rising on the Park

Employment rising on the Park

Businesses are expanding fast, with over 100 jobs added to our website this year.

With record national recruitment levels post-Covid, careers site indicates rapid growth in technology and health sectors while recruiter Acre reports a rise in sustainability roles. 

These trends are reflected at Surrey Research Park with all advertised roles in digital, health and sustainability sectors.  


A variety of technology roles in engineering, development, applications, IoT and creative with companies including; Diverse Interactive, Xceptor, Basemap, Gold-i, Cressive DX, Alcis, Actica Consulting, Eseye, SSTL and Lightflows. 


Further your career in lab-based science, pharmaceuticals or veterinary practice with; Angle Plc, Medpharm, Eurofins, The Whiteley Clinic, Prime Vigilance, The Surrey Park Clinic and Fitzpatrick Referrals. 


Opportunities in ecology, habitat management and environmental science exist with; NatureMetrics, Thomson Environmental Consultants. 

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