Satellite Vu partners with SSTL

Heat sensing satellites to monitor energy efficiency

With buildings responsible for approximately 1/3rd of global CO2 emissions, satellites are a key enabler in providing verifiable data sets on energy performance. Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) has been commissioned to build two mid-wave infra-red thermal imaging satellites for Satellite Vu.

The satellites will collect thermal data, day and night, from the natural and built environment at any location on the planet, enabling the measurement of heat signatures, with an accuracy of 2oC, and identification of heat loss from any building in the world.

The first satellite will be launched June 2023 with the second satellite, a clone of the first, expected to be launched early 2024.Ultimately, Satellite Vu will form a constellation of eight satellites to provide near-real-time data sets to customers globally, accelerating the transition to a sustainable future.

At Surrey Research Park, we have been working with Satellite Vu to capture thermal imagery of our buildings to help us target and assess energy efficiency improvements, as well as provide tenants with feedback on operational energy use.