Sisaf Bio-Courier® RNA technology

At the heart of the RNA therapeutic revolution

The world is back on its feet again after Covid due to mRNA vaccines, with over 12 billion mRNA shots given worldwide since December 2020.

To deliver on the promise of RNA in both preventive and therapeutic vaccines, as well as therapeutic drugs, we need to ensure the potent but highly unstable RNA molecules can be delivered safely and in sufficient numbers to their specific cellular targets.

Current lipid-based delivery systems are quite fragile and prone to release their cargo prematurely, needing ultra-cold transportation and limiting the accessible tissue targets within the body.

This is where Surrey Research Park based SiSaf Ltd, and its patented Bio-Courier® RNA delivery technology, comes in.

SiSaf’s revolutionary approach combines lipid nanoparticles with the structural integrity of proprietary bioabsorbable porous silicon to substantially improve the stability and protection of RNA.

With enhanced RNA durability enabling ambient storage and improved systemic survival, SiSaf’s technology is driving a pipeline of first-in-class RNA therapeutics for rare, and as yet, incurable genetic diseases of the bone and eye.

In parallel SiSaf is partnering with RNA industry leaders to improve global access to life saving vaccines and therapeutics.

SiSaf announced in October the initiation of the U.S. FDA Regulatory process for its lead siRNA therapeutic to restore bone mass and quality to normal levels for patients with Autosomal Dominant Osteopetrosis Type 2 (ADO2), a rare genetic skeletal disorder.