Medpharm pharmaceutical treatments

Developing Topical and Transdermal Treatments for Global Customers

Following two years of double-digit growth, MedPharm’s focus in 2022 was to continue providing exceptional topical and transdermal development and manufacturing services to organisations around the world.

Topical drug products are becoming increasingly appealing to organisations and patients due to their ease of administration and effectiveness. MedPharm has supported pharmaceutical organisations in the development of semi-solid drug products since 1999 and opened its first standalone facility in Surrey Research Park in 2006.

In 2022, MedPharm’s team of experts focused on developing, refining, translating, and validating processes that allow clients to move seamlessly from early-stage development into late-stage production.

One of many exciting announcements coming out of MedPharm in 2022 was the selection of MedPharm by Swiss-based Mosanna Therapeutics for the development of a first-of-its-kind nasal spray aimed at treating Metabolic Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Sleep apnea currently affects more than 350 million people in the US and Europe.