Demand for ipTEST electrical testers surges

High accuracy, high speed

ipTEST develops high-speed electrical testers for power semiconductors
which are used in various low-carbon applications such as electric vehicles,
solar power and wind energy.

Power semiconductors are essential to converting energy both on and off
the electric grid. New wide bandgap semiconductors have revolutionised the
market allowing, for example, faster and more efficient EV charging – which
has been employed by Tesla in their electric vehicle fleet.

However, testing these new devices is extremely difficult. ipTEST had to
innovate and develop a new range of high-speed, high-accuracy testers that
can meet the higher demands, known as the “M2” product range – capable
of testing to 1200V and 1000A.

Demand for their testers has grown, allowing ipTEST to supply 3 of the
top 5 largest global device manufacturers, namely Infineon Technologies,
ST Microelectronics and Wolfspeed. This has led to significant revenue
growth for ipTEST – a 6-fold increase since 2020, and the company is
anticipating doubling revenue in 2023.

To support its ongoing expansion, the company has been investing in new
advanced equipment and facilities at SRP, as well as cultivating local supply
partners and collaborating with University of Surrey to secure engineering
talent. To accommodate their growth, ipTEST have recently taken a second
building at SRP.