AURA Veterinary, innovative animal oncology

A world class veterinary hospital

The first of its kind in Europe, AURA Veterinary specialises in animal oncology, soft tissue surgery and interventional radiology (IR).

The highly regarded animal hospital, previously known as Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue, is now under new ownership following a management buyout by the clinical team in September.

The innovative business is on a mission to change the way cancer is treated in companion animals, offering a comprehensive clinical pathway on-site for diagnosis and treatment of all solid tumours and blood cancers in dogs and cats, including surgical intervention, critical care and chemotherapy.

There are several practice-led initiatives that underpin Aura’s long-term research ambitions: The hospital’s patient database, which stores over 7,700 comprehensive patient records, and Aura’s tissue BioBank, which since 2019, has collected samples from over 100 spontaneous tumours to support clinically relevant research into tumour biology, biomarkers and treatment solutions.

The team has benefited from a strong relationship with the University of Surrey, partnering on a wide range of projects such as research into a new blood sampling method that should allow easier detection of key biomarkers for genetic diseases such as cancer.