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April 17, 2018 | News

An Interview with Jake Kuliczkowski

An Interview with Jake Kuliczkowski

April 2018 saw Surrey Technology Leaders talk to Jake Kuliczkowski, Chief Commercial Officer and co-founder of Diverse Interactive

Tell us a bit about your experience before you started Diverse Interactive?

I worked in digital agencies and software teams building solutions for clients and identified that traditional agencies don’t fully commercialise the benefits of producing software and also noticed a craving for innovation from clients.

What made you choose to come to Surrey Research Park and start Diverse Interactive?

When we started Diverse Interactive, the Surrey Research Park stood out to us as being a welcoming hub of tech companies to collaborate with and potentially a big list of clients! We started in the tech centre as this gave us great flexibility to grow and expand with low risk associated with leases etc. We then moved out to a bigger unit on the park which has enabled us to grow.

Tell us a bit about Diverse Interactive and your role.

We are dedicated to the evolution of digital interaction; our production studio works to combine cutting edge experiential technology with creative innovation and forward thinking. We deliver bespoke digital applications and projects that rewrite what’s possible in terms of immersive user experiences.

Specialising in Augmented Reality (AR) development and Virtual Reality (VR) experience creation, 3D simulations and visualisations, mobile apps and high impact digital activations, Diverse Interactive invites customers to explore our world of digital opportunity and experience for themselves the possibilities that exist with Diverse Interactive.

My role within the business is being responsible for commercial strategy and activities including sales & marketing, product development, business growth and customer service. I help our clients form business and use cases for innovation within their businesses.

How do you collaborate with other companies on the Park?

Some of the other tenants are our clients. We have also produced a virtual reality app for the University of Surrey. The app-based VR (virtual reality) experience allows budding students to ‘visit’ Guildford from wherever they may be. A user can explore interactive maps and launch six 360-degree VR tours featuring the university campus and accommodation, music venues, the High Street, pubs, clubs and restaurants. Everything the newly independent student needs.

What are your thoughts on the future commercialisation of innovation?

With the evolution and accessibility of technology we are seeing an increase in the amount of new tech that is being created. Platforms like Kickstarter are allowing innovators to seek easy access to sometimes very large levels of investment to help launch their product or idea. This also promotes awareness of the product and acts as a bit of market research to test demand. Large companies are looking at these start-ups for acquisition to either further develop their core business or to use the innovation for themselves.

More and more businesses are changing and refining internal processes, sales strategy, marketing, training etc and using innovation to do so. Companies that are adopting innovation early are seeing the highest returns. Large organisations are using AI to complete tasks with huge cost reductions and a huge increase in efficiency. AR & VR is being used in marketing and training applications to engage with users in a new way.

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