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February 1, 2021 | News

Forging links between business and academia

Forging links between business and academia

Dr Andrew Rogoyski has recently joined the University of Surrey, heading up Industry Partnership within AI, 5G / 6G and Cyber Security sectors and will be working more closely with companies on Surrey Research Park focusing on funding opportunities. 

Dr Andrew Rogoyski brings to the University a blend of technical and science leadership, strategic advisory and business skills, having worked with partners in the UK and European government sectors, space and financial services sector as well as academia.

He has wide ranging experience in innovation, strategy and policy, AI, cyber and sensors, security, defence, space and financial services sectors.

Why did you join the University of Surrey?

  • I think for a lot of people, 2020 was a time of challenge and change. I decided I wanted to do something different and find a way to give back. I’ve always been close to science and technology, and to the idea that education really matters. Surrey is a progressive University, with great leadership who are really focused on being an agent for change and working with industry. We have very strong Faculities in arts and social sciences, in engineering and physical sciences and in health and medical sciences. We have a great campus and the benefits of our links with Surrey Research Park and we’re only half an hour by train to central London. It’s a great combination.

You’ve worked for many interesting companies; do you have a favourite?

  • That’s a difficult one. I enjoyed my early career at Logica because it dovetailed with my early life in academia. I was doing contract research, developing early AI systems, it was great fun. But I also loved my time in the space sector, working with ESA, SSTL. My work in cyber security has been very rewarding too, especially my stint in Cabinet Office, where I authored the first UK cyber expert strategy and was part of the National Cyber Security Programme. It was a fascinating time to be in Whitehall. I’ve worked in SMEs, strategy consultancies and major corporates but what really matters is the people you work with – I’ve been lucky in that regard.

What do you want to achieve at the University?

  • I want to help build further links between our excellent researchers and the companies that can capitalise on our ideas and expertise. I can speak the languages of both business and science and I understand the realities and pressures of both environments and believe I can bring them closer together

How do you work with your academic colleagues?

  • By listening, exploring ideas and suggesting new perspectives. By working with my colleagues at the University and in industry, I can help apply business disciplines to scientific thinking while also bringing scientific and engineering imagination to solving real-world business problems



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