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May 11, 2021 | News

Volunteer to help combat loneliness

Volunteer to help combat loneliness

Reconnections, a recently launched service by Independent Age, is seeking volunteers to give just one hour a week to make a real difference to the life of someone who needs it most.

Role of volunteer

By giving just one hour a week a Reconnections volunteer can make a tangible difference to the life of someone who needs it most. You’ll get to know a local over-65 and support them to get involved in new activities, interest groups and make friends. You’ll be matched based on your interests and location and have regular contact from Reconnections to support you both.

Reconnections in action

There are a variety of ways you could help a lonely person near you. Here are a few things that our volunteers have done so far:

  • Phonecalls to Ivy during lockdown to keep her encouraged and motivated
  • Showing Terry how to use Facetime and Whatsapp so he can chat to family and neighbours
  • Encouraging Bill to move more as he was starting to seize up
  • Calling Lilly once a week in the evening as that’s when she feels lonely and scared since Frank died
  • A socially distanced walk with Carol around the park, sharing memories from childhood
  • Watching the Marigold Hotel at the same time as each other while home alone
  • Setting a lockdown challenge with Patsy and doing one new thing each day

100% of its existing volunteers would recommend volunteering with Reconnections.

Here’s a quote from Bridget who joined the team in November 2020: “I’m really looking forward to speaking with her next week and from a heart to heart perspective I felt we really were able to connect. So nice for me! Thank you for accepting me as a volunteer.”

Application process

It takes less than 5 minutes to apply. When your application form is received you will receive a call from Gemma, our Volunteer Coordinator to confirm your application and she will let you know the next steps. The whole process can take less than 2 weeks after which you’ll be matched with a local resident. It’s then up to you both what you do and how often you make contact: take the dogs for a walk together, make phone calls, learn a new recipe, share jokes from the book you got for Christmas, you choose!

More information

Click here to register to become a volunteer to Reconnections.

For more information about the Reconnections service, click here.

If you think you know someone who might benefit from the Reconnections service, you can refer them to us here.

If you have any further questions, please see our FAQs here or contact Gemma Jones, Volunteer Coordinator [email protected]

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