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May 27, 2022 | News

Transform your workforce with ‘Empowering Insights’

Transform your workforce with ‘Empowering Insights’

Empowering Insights helps HR and organisational development leaders who want to re-shape and transform their workforces or overcome their pain-points.

Are you losing good staff? Or worried they may leave?

Are you struggling to find or develop the right talent?

Or do you need to kickstart an important workforce initiative quickly but don’t know where to start?

No matter the challenge, they are here to listen and help you on your journey.

With over 20 years of successfully making change happen and figuring out ‘people’ solutions working across numerous industries and wearing many hats, Empowering Insights can help you:

  • Where others have dropped the balls; they’ll be a safe pair of hands to get the job done; and to create impact.
  • When day to day business is challenging; they’ll be resilient and persistent until progress is made.
  • When no one else is listening, they can be your impartial sounding board and trusted confidante.

For more information on their services see: Do get in touch for an informal chat: [email protected]

All Surrey Research Park businesses will receive a 10% discount off their first contract.

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