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November 8, 2022 | Events

Sustainable Business Event to Help Cut Energy Bills

Sustainable Business Event to Help Cut Energy Bills

Energy costs are a huge source of worry for thousands of SMEs and businesses across the UK.

On 14th November the Surrey Sustainable Business Network are hosting an event to help manage some of those worries and help your business build resilience in the face of the ongoing energy crisis.

With businesses not covered by Ofgem’s energy price caps, they can’t bring certainty around government decisions on energy bill support, but they can show you how to:

  • measure and report on your energy bills to build a plan
  • reduce & conserve your energy use
  • manage your consumption through measures with payback as low as 6 months
  • get match funding for initiatives which can help slash energy bills
  • get access to free energy audits

Join a great line up of guests and subject matter experts, who will introduce their area of speciality in a 5-minute intro, and then join a panel discussion. There’ll be lots of time for attendees to direct specific questions to the panel, which consists of:

  • GEP Environmental: Energy Assessors GEP will give us top tips and guidance on quick energy reduction wins, as well as payback times and further steps to understanding energy management
  • Switchfoot Wealth: Insights from a local SME who have decarbonised their premises through PV panels, building management strategies, and low carbon heating solutions. What obstacles did they face and how did they solve them
  • Mesh Energy: Understand your building’s performance and explore a wholistic approach to lowering energy through building solutions
  • Dr Ben Gardner, University Of Surrey: Behavioural change psychologist Ben Gardner provides insights into his work on how basic habits can drive energy savings. Put it to practice on your employees and customers!

Join this free event at ZERO, 14-16 Friary Street, Guildford – 14th November 12.00-13.30pm

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