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November 17, 2022 | Placement

Student Placement Focus – Pia Cathryn Aguirre

Student Placement Focus – Pia Cathryn Aguirre

Pia Cathryn Aguirre joined Cressive DX as a Junior SEO Consultant and Marketing Placement Student from the University of Surrey as part of her Master’s Programme in Digital Marketing and Channel Management.

Why did you choose Cressive DX for your placement year?

I first encountered Cressive when the company founder (my current boss) delivered a guest lecture for one of my modules. Digital marketing but tech-focused and consultant-led? I was intrigued. It also helped that they were fully remote but have an office in SRP. When the university made it easy to connect with them again through Pathfinder, the Placement team and other avenues, after some back and forth (with in-person interviews held in campus) it became a no-brainer decision.

What do you aim to achieve by the end of the placement year?

I want to establish my working experience here in the UK and continue to learn more transferrable skills that will help me advance in my career. Despite having some previous work experience, it’s always daunting to restart in a different business environment so I hope to make the most of this year.

What does your day-to-day look like?

It varies! My work is split between B2B Marketing tasks for the company and external-facing SEO work for clients. No two days are different but I’ve settled into a weekly routine that consists of data checking and analysis, social media and website content creation, SEO and brand audits, research and reporting.

What do you think about working at Surrey Research Park?

Admittedly, being the Park has both its perks and downsides. It’s definitely quieter and less “happening” than London, less convenient on transport links, and your lunch choices are limited. But with the free shuttle to and from the station, coffees and hot lunches at the Hub, and such an open and supportive community – I’ve seen why it’s great for companies to locate here.

Did you choose to work at the Surrey Research Park over other opportunities? If so, why?

To be honest, no — this was the first job I applied to and accepted. Instead of waiting months to hear back from other places, I felt it prudent to join the company that I was originally keen on from the start. No regrets since, it’s lovely being able to work close to London without paying London prices!


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