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August 24, 2018 | News

Minted Box at the Surrey Research Park

Minted Box at the Surrey Research Park

Minted Box was formed by Iain Bell and James Alvarez-Buylla and life began for the company in a converted barn in Farnham, Surrey. Minted Box is the perfect blend of technological innovation and business acumen, delivering websites, applications and other technology to clients in many sectors.

The firm designs website and applications and has an enviable client list including Wagamama, Vodafone One Net, the University of Surrey, Tesco Pension, Silverstone Accommodation Services and many educational establishments.

Minted Box has developed a Facial Recognition System which is the latest innovation in educational technology. The system has been specifically designed to manage attendance, queues and fire alarm registration, within a multitude of scenarios such as lectures and school trips. The facial recognition system can highlight faces it doesn’t recognise quickly, accurately and securely, helping schools avoid unauthorised guests and quickly determine attendance levels. Minted Box technology is used by over 400 schools nationwide.

One of the products developed by Minted Box is MintCentral which is a dynamic mobile employee engagement platform that boosts workplace productivity by engaging and empowering today’s modern, mobile workforce. MintCentral enables small to medium organisations to reach, engage, manage and measure staff communications.

Now a much-expanded team, Minted Box is based in Guildford and is a happy part of the technology community on the Surrey Research Park.

“The Surrey Research Park has a “can do” attitude and the atmosphere is one of technological innovation. We love it here!”

Why did Minted Box choose to locate to the park?
In anticipation of expansion Minted Box wanted to move to a more professional and stylish working environment, to be in a technology environment with business-minded people. The firm was impressed with the transport links of the Surrey Research Park, being equidistant from the two London airports and Guildford being within forty minutes by train of London.

Why did Minted Box choose Surrey Research Park rather than another science park/ location?
The Surrey Research Park suited the needs of Minted Box by providing the stylish, technology-led business environment that the firm was seeking. One of the factors that made the firm choose the Park was the flexible terms offered, with a 30-day notice period and no talk of long leases.

What have been the measurable benefits of being located at the Surrey Research Park?
Minted Box works collaboratively with other companies on the Park, including firms like FdK Design Consultants, and now lists the Surrey Sports Park on its client roster.

Would you recommend the Park to others and why?
“Yes. We like the fact that everything is quick and easy at the Park. The meeting rooms are terrific, have big screens and connectivity and are easily booked. The reception staff are fantastic and nothing is ever a bother to them. The Park has a “can do” attitude and the atmosphere around the Park is one of technological innovation; the talk in the onsite café can range from space exploration, detailed web design techniques, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.”

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