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June 11, 2021 | News

Meet our Placement Student

Meet our Placement Student

Introducing the newest member of the Surrey Research Park team. Edward Olie has just joined as a placement student from the University of Surrey. We spoke with him to find out about his background and what he will be doing on the Park.

What are you studying at the University of Surrey and what have you enjoyed the most?

I am studying Business Management (Marketing). I have really enjoyed my university experience from meeting new people through to participating at clubs such as ultimate frisbee, as well as developing my overall academic understanding of business.          

Ultimate Frisbee sounds interesting, tell us more?

It is a fast-paced game. I would describe it as a cross between netball and American football but with a frisbee. Perhaps we could run an Ultimate Frisbee competition between the businesses on the Park.

What attracted you to work at Surrey Research Park?

I chose to work at Surrey Research Park because I wanted to help educate and increase the exposure of the Park to other students, businesses and the local community. I want to help increase awareness of the Park being a major centre of excellence in technology, science, health, and engineering through promoting the work of our tenants.

The opportunity to network with so many growing businesses is also very promising. The overall environment is very attractive to work in and it is only 20 mins walk from my accommodation in Park Barn.

I am also very passionate about gaming and I was attracted to the Park as it is home to many digital games companies.  

There really are many reasons why working at Surrey Research Park is the perfect option for placement students at the University of Surrey.

So, you are a passionate Gamer, what are your best three Games and why?

I think the three best games  are CSGO, Rainbow Six Siege and Valorant. What makes these games so good is that they require teamwork, coordination, strategy as well as constantly requiring you to adapt to the current game situation.    

What will you be working on with the team at Surrey Research Park?

I am part of a small team and I will be actively involved in all aspects of the marketing mix.  I am excited to be working on the digital marketing side of things, and the running of social media. In addition, I will also be working on CRM management and the organisation of events.

In the future where do you aspire to work?

I aspire to work in the gaming or Esports industry. Esports is an upcoming and thriving industry evolved around competitive gaming and is something that I am very passionate about. 

You have been here for just one week and your impact has been significant already. Well done! What are your first impressions working as an industry placement student at Surrey Research Park?

I am part of a small team and I have felt I can make an impact immediately. I feel an active and valued member of the team with my own responsibilities. I am challenged and on a steep learning curve, but it is really energising and rewarding. Being immersed in ‘Industry’ is allowing me to apply the theory to practice but I am sure there will be surprises. I am really looking forward to making the most out of my placement experience and adding value.

Many University of Surrey students are still looking for paid placement roles to start by 31st August.

For more information on applying for your own placement student contact:  or view details here.

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