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December 21, 2022 | News

Evolve Dynamics secures a new lab with flying fields

Evolve Dynamics secures a new lab with flying fields

SETsquared Surrey company Evolve Dynamics is excited to have signed a new lease for a 14,000sq ft lab with flying fields right next to it.

Evolve Dynamics is a Surrey-based drone company specialising in UAV and RPAS aircraft systems and software. The company provides best in class mission specific aircraft for the public sector, emergency services, private security and defence.

Evolve Dynamics is in a growth phase, receiving large new orders, developing new products and recruiting new team members. The extra lab space will support this effectively.

Mike Dewhirst, founder and CEO at Evolve Dynamics says,

“The new lab will allow us to massively increase Evolve Dynamics’ throughput of R&D and production and house new staff we’ve recently hired. It will provide space for more hires, storage for parts and for work in progress in both R&D and production.”

Having the flying field next to the lab is very important for the growth plans of the business.

Mike further comments,

“Having flying fields on site means at least an hour saved every time we need to perform flight tests. This will free up our time and allow many more flights to be done every day, enabling both R&D and production to move at a much faster pace.”

In 2023, Evolve Dynamics plans to ramp up the production of two of its core solutions, Sky Mantis and Tether, to respond to the new orders, enquiries and growing customer demand. The business is also looking to launch several new products.

Sky Mantis is a medium-sized multi rotor surveillance drone which can be deployed in a range of situations. Providing a comprehensive, clear and silent view from above, the drone can find people and animals in the dark rapidly, supporting with searches by the emergency services for missing people and suspects. It can ID vehicle number plates from 300 metres and make, model and colour of vehicle from 1km. It can be deployed quickly and there are optional payloads for extra features such as photography, mapping and gas sniffing.

Tether is a compact add-on solution for Sky Mantis, allowing a 48-hour continuous flight time via the use of a tether. This provides more vital flexibility of use for the emergency services and security and defence clients when responding to fast moving emergency situations.

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