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April 20, 2020 | News

Call to develop data-driven solutions for epidemic and pandemic lifecycle management

Call to develop data-driven solutions for epidemic and pandemic lifecycle management

EIT Digital, a leading digital innovation and entrepreneurial education organisation is looking for digital solutions for data driven epidemic and pandemic lifecycle management. 

EIT Digital has invited Surrey Research Park tenants to join them online at DeepHack: DATA against COVID-19 

EIT Digital is seeking contribution from companies that could contribute in the following domains:

  • Alert or monitoring system using mobile DATA
  • Info provisioning and sharing DATA relevant to COVID-19
  • Systematic DATA analysis in different regions, populations and age groups (allowing for more targeted responses)
  • Integration of epidemic and economic DATA in order to drive more accurate societal impact analysis

The COVID-19 pandemic is holding the world in a medical, social and economic stranglehold and has forced world leaders to take unprecedented measures and actions.

EIT Digital states that managing how the lifecycle of a pandemic (COVID-19 likely will not be the last pandemic the world will face) develops is a primary concern of policy makers and industry leaders.

They claim that as tools covering early warning, fast response, curve management and back-to-normal approaches become indispensable, so do the availability of the right data and ways to analyse such data.

Modern digital technology, like mobile phones, data analytics, AI and social media offer a unique set of tools to provide and analyse data, to model, communicate and influence behaviour and help manage pandemic lifecycles.

EIT Digital states that it is not looking for medical and/or pharma solutions at the Global DeepHack event.

For more information,  visit EIT Digital website.


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