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December 14, 2022 | Case studies

Blood test for early stage cancer detection

Blood test for early stage cancer detection

Datar Cancer Genetics is an oncology research and applications company specialising in non-invasive cancer detection, diagnosis and management.

In February, it was granted ‘Breakthrough Device Designation’ for its blood test to detect early-stage prostate cancer. This is the company’s second test to receive FDA approval, following on from approval last year for early-stage breast cancer detection.

Prostate cancer is the most commonly occurring cancer for men in the UK and the 4th most common cancer overall. The test can help reduce the number of biopsies among individuals with benign conditions of the prostate and it can also improve detection rates among those who do have prostate cancer.

Datar’s blood-based cancer management tests are based on unique technologies and hold the promise of major breakthroughs. Besides their portfolio of next-generation sequencing based tests, the study of Circulating Tumor Cells and their role in cancer management is their key area of research.

The Company is validating several early detection assays which will be offered as Laboratory Developed Tests (LDTs) in early 2023. Datar offers its test portfolio in the UK, European Union, GCC, USA, Australia and India.

The Company has advanced testing facilities at Surrey Research Park, in addition to Raleigh, North Carolina, and Nasik, India. It has formed partnerships with several clinics and hospitals in the UK to provide precision oncology-based solutions to improve the detection and treatment of cancers.

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