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November 21, 2022 | News

3ti Sustainable Transportation Workshop & Tour of Papilio3

3ti Sustainable Transportation Workshop & Tour of Papilio3

3ti Energy Hubs hosted a Sustainable Transportation Workshop and a Tour of the Papilio 3 solar EV charging hub for students on 17th November 2022 at the Surrey Technology Centre. The attendees were a mix of students from the University of Surrey and Kings College London – all interested in sustainable transportation.

The workshop was delivered by the Chief Technical Officer of 3ti, Mark Potter. He discussed the process of innovation, the evolution of Papilio 3, their success and the necessity of decarbonizing transportation.

Students were then given a tour of Papilio 3 – the world’s first pop-up mini solar car park launched at Surrey Research Park, and the workshop concluded with a Q&A session and a proposal was submitted to Mark Potter by the University of Surrey students.

Anyone interested in learning more about 3ti can contact: [email protected]

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